At The Center for Healthy Hearing, we provide a range of services that focus on identifying and effectively treating your hearing health needs. We are invested in transforming your health by offering individualized care, hearing health expertise, and the latest technology that ensures the best health outcomes.

Hearing test

Diagnostic Hearing Assessments

The first step in treating hearing loss is assessing hearing capacity in both ears. This involves a painless and non-invasive hearing test in our Houston Audiology clinic that includes:

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Other Services Provided

Hearing Services

Hearing Aid Fittings

Once we have your results, we are able to recommend effective treatment options that will maximize your hearing. The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids which provide the auditory system with ample hearing support. Using the specifics of your hearing needs, your lifestyle preferences, and our expertise with a range of devices; we will recommend the hearing aids that would best suit your hearing health!

Depending on the device you select, we will make custom molds of your ears to ensure that your hearing aids fit you optimally. During your fitting appointment, we will show you how to use your hearing aids - maximizing every feature. This includes a tutorial on how your hearing aids work, proper ways to insert and remove the device, how to effectively clean and maintain your hearing aids, and how to get the most out of the features and settings your hearing aids offer.

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Hearing Aid Repairs in Houston

Our practice also offers in-house repair services. Hearing aids are highly durable devices, lasting up to seven years. Because they are worn daily (and throughout the day), the hardware can be impacted by normal wear and tear. This could require repairs which we provide in our office for your ease and convenience. Common Houston hearing aid repairs include replacing the tubing that connects behind the ear devices to pieces worn in the ear, fixing the microphone or replacing the receiver if there are issues with volume, replacing earpieces by taking a new mold, etc.

Hearing Protection

In addition to hearing aids, our practice offers custom hearing protection. One of the most common causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise. In fact, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America:

  • 22 million people are exposed to hazardous noise levels in the workplace.
  • Nearly 15% of adults experience tinnitus: a buzzing or ringing-like noise in one or both ears. Tinnitus is a common hearing loss symptom and can be triggered by loud noise.
  • Over 1 billion people worldwide are at high risk of developing hearing loss due to loud noise exposure.

Wearing hearing protection is an incredibly useful safety measure that can reduce your risk of developing hearing loss. This is especially important for people who work in noisier settings, musicians, and people with active social lives.  We make custom earplugs by taking an earmold impression of your ear canals. This provides a protective barrier for your ears, reducing the amount and impact of loud noise you absorb.