COVID Safety

Here at The Center for Healthy Hearing, we follow protocols outlined by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) for audiologists resuming services during COVID-19.

For In-Person and Concierge Visits:

  • We use disposable items for each patient interaction. For example, speculum, inserts for audiometry, electrodes, immittance tips, and/or ear light tip.
  • We require the use of masks for clients/patients, staff, and providers.
  • We change the foam covering or barrier over microphones for testing.
  • We use video-otoscopy or other otoscopy technology that allows for adequate light and ability to view the ear, ear canal, and tympanic membrane while allowing physical distancing from the client/patient during otoscopic inspection.
  • We require patients to wear masks for earmold impressions, placement of tiptrodes, or other procedures that may elicit a cough reflex from the client/patient.
  • We wear PPE for procedures that involve close physical contact with patients.
  • We follow best practices disinfecting audiology equipment.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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